Sunday, October 09, 2005

Live from iForum

Well the opening night party has started to wind down here in Vegas at Citrix iForum 2005.  I've managed to hit all of the sponsor booths and had a few Gee Whiz moments.  If you are here at the event here are a few must see's
One newcomer is Realm Systems.
This company produces a pocket sized USB PC VPN device that lets you run applications on it and tunnel into the corporate network. It is a secure way for you to connect up to any PC or thin client and connect to your corporate network. It has a server on the backend that runs in the $10-15k range. The device cost between 300 and 500 dollars.
BioPassword is back with an ActiveX version that works with Web Interface.  All I can say is no one is ever going to win that 10 grand.  If you don't know what biopassword is, it is a piece of security software that uses the biometrics of how you type to determine your username/password to log on to your PC.  Since each person types differently it is virtually impossible to be able to get into users account.  That is at
I have lots more to write about over the coming days but this is the new and coolest so far.

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