Friday, September 19, 2014

SOLVED: Remove the recent contacts chat heads from Task Switcher in IOS 8

Now that Apple has released its new operating system IOS 8 the fun begins at trying to get rid of some of the annoyances Apple in its infinite wisdom decided us users needed.
One thing that annoyed me immediately is that Apple added the heads of my contacts on my task switcher screen. and to further aggravation the heads are of people Apple thinks you may want to possible contact quickly. Truth is I switch apps a lot and do not realy care to see my exes face when I am doing so.

So here are the steps to turn off the contact heads in IOS a 8 task switcher
1. Click on Settings icon
2. Scroll down and click on Mail, Contacts Calendars.
3. On the above screen scroll down to the contacts area and click on "Show in App Switcher"
4. On the next screen move the slider to off under "Recents"
5.  The heads are gone! Voila.

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