Tuesday, September 13, 2016

IOS 10.0 resets your phone and you are stuck at iTunes connect screen

Well the rush to install IOS 10 and be the first just bit me in the butt. Worked just fine on my iPad mini and my iPad but on my iPhone 6s, not so good. When the phone rebooted after the install the screen got stuck at the famous connect to iTunes prompt. Damn it!
SO I plug it into iTunes... oh wait I have to update iTunes...so I update iTunes and after 20 minutes have to reboot my computer. Fine. Now plug in my phone..get various prompts asking me to update, restore, update, etc. After an 3 hours of playing this game and getting Apple server errors. I gave up on that method.

Next I decided to just download the software IPSW file for my iPhone version of IOS 10 and try again. The guys at EVAD3RS offer valid version links to ipsw devices here;

And if you want to know how to use an ipsw file go here

Basically if you are on a PC after plugging in your phone with iTunes running  just hold down the shift key and click on the update button. A window will pop up for you to select the ipsw file you
just downloaded. Choose the file click ok and your phone will start restoring.

Crisis averted in half the time!!!
You are welcome!

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