Sunday, January 29, 2006

Download Pick of the week: VJFullscreenTSC

So here is how the story goes, I get a new $450 Sprint PPC-6700 PCS phone which is an update from my G1000 and PPC-6600, only to find that Windows Mobile 5 is on the thing and since the screen is a bit smaller, MS in their infinite wisdom eliminated the Speed Dial Button from the phone keypad. Instead you have to get to the phone keypad, click on menu and then click on speed dial option. I started to get seriously peeved! How the heck is that speed dial? It's not. This really po'd me to no end. So I set off on a mission to find a solution which I am sure someone already had come up with. Google did not fail me.
I found a thread on a forum with a guy with the same question and there was a great solution!
It is a simple solution... download a cab file, run it and you will have a program to open the speed dial that you can then use the button control panel and assign it to the Key of your choice. I assigned mine to the E Internet explorer key on the side of the phone. I now have 1 button access to my speed dials! Genius, two snaps!

The cab also has options for Speakerphone, call history and Pop you could assign a key on the phone to any of these...

Should work on any device running Windows Mobile.

Anyways browsing Vijay's site I got even more excited when I found out he was working on an enhancement to Terminal Services on Windows Mobile to make it more Full Screen. Here is the link for that... Super Kudu's dude!

The best part of all these utilities are that they are my favorite price FREE!

Vijay has many other utilities on his site for Windows Mobile you should check out.
His page is at:


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