Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Article in RTO Newsletter

Recently an article I wrote was published in the RTO Software Newsletter:
Below is a copy. I have just submitted another one to RTO on rebasing that I hope to have published in a future newsletter.

This issue features guest columnist Jim Kenzig, CEO of the Kenzig Group, manager of The Thin.Net, the leading portal for thin client computing. Here Jim discusses enabling the optimization components in Citrix Presentation Server(TM) 4.0.

Last year, Citrix Systems announced it would add Virtual Memory and CPU optimization components from RTO and Aurema to their future product release. To my suprise, they indeed have included these in their recent Citrix Presentation Server 4.0.

To enable this functionality, open the Metaframe Presentation Server Management Console and right click on your farm, then choose properties from the pop-up context menu. In the properties menu you'll see Memory/CPU Utilization Management. The screen has two check box choices: Enable Memory Optimization (the RTO piece) and Enable CPU Management (the Aurema piece). Click on either to put a check in the box and choose OK to enable the functionality.
ou can further schedule memory management by clicking on the next choice in the menu pane that reads Memory Management. Note that setting things this way will enable for your entire farm. You can change how memory/CPU management works on a per server basis by right clicking on the server in the management console and changing the setting at the server level. Further note enabling these settings will cause some server overhead and may possibly slow login times. It would be nice if there were more configurations and options for these features but to get those, you'll need to purchase the full RTO Software or Aurema products. Citrix has released two very good FAQ items describing the Memory and CPU optimization functionality.
Click here for the CPU Management Optimization FAQ.
Click here for the Virtual Memory Management Optimization FAQ.

There is also an application compatibility list for the Virtual Memory Optimization. You should check here to see if using this feature will benefit your environment.

Jim Kenzig, CEOKenzig Group
Also worth knowing...A patent was granted recently to RTO Software for technology licensed by Citrix Systems, Inc. The patent covers a technique that significantly improves the performance and scalability of applications running in a Microsoft Windows Server environment.

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