Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A couple of little known SBC Sites: Konect and Seamless RDP

In going back over some of the blogs on blogger over the year I happened upon two web sites that
I haven't seen mentioned anyplace in the better known SBC sites that I thought I would pass along.

One kept secret is a page on a site called CodeProject.com that has an article and applications
entitled Extending Microsoft Terminal Services Client to Provide Seamless Windows by
Martin Wickett. This gem explains how to use a virtual channel to publish an app via
RDP seamlessly and even gives you the code to do it via an activex web page!
Worth checking out and playing with at:

Next is a site I came across at desktopsites.com that has a product called Konect.
Here is the hype from the site: Konect is a serverware solution for small and mid-size businesses that enables simplified networked resource management, deployment, security and remote access to employees within and outside of the workplace. Konect seamlessly integrates and delivers server-hosted applications, networked files, data sources, web resources and services to user computers in a highly secure environment without a second Windows desktop. The delivery of these services is done seamlessly through your users' normal desktop environment.

Basically the product is an extension of Terminal Services that also offers seamless RDP apps.
Check it out at:


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