Tuesday, March 19, 2013

SOLVED: AT&T (ATT) Yahoo Mail or other website does not work or is unable to load after installing Internet Explorer 10 (IE10)

After you install Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 you may experience problems accessing your AT&T Yahoo mail or other similar websites. You may see this same phenomena on Windows 8.

When you try to log into your AT&T Yahoo mail you may receive a message reading Oops. Your Yahoo AT&T can't load.

Never fear it is a simple solution to fix! All you need do is click on the "Compatibility Mode" box to the right of the address bar. You may also need to clear your Internet history but it should not be necessary.

Here is a link to a Microsoft page explaining about compatibility view issues. This information also applies to Internet Explorer 9, Internet Explorer 8 and Internet Explorer 7.


If your compatibility setting works you can make it permanent by going to the website you are having issues with and then opening the Tools Menu in Internet Explorer (press the alt key if the menus do not display in your browser) and selecting "Compatibility view settings" from the drop down.  A window will pop up like the image above and the URL of the page that you are on will be displayed in the line under the Add this website heading.  Simply click on the Add button and click on close and your problem website will ALWAYS open in Internet Explorer Compatibility view.

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