Friday, June 02, 2006

Download Pick

Damn this is cool! OK folks this is DEFINITELY a download pick of the week. Two snaps go to Dave Stevens for pointing out this Dotnet utility called ADModify. I wanted a way to add a new email domain in exchange 2003 for all users and make it the primary email address and also
keep the old domain active. I found my solution here:

Basically Exchange 2003 has added something called Recipient Policies making something that used to be really difficult a snap. I also got pointed to the ADModify tool which also performs the same function and then some!

The ADModify tool will let you add/ modify /remove objects in bulk form within Active directory.

In other words any user properties in Active directory can easily be changed globally with it. I just used it to remove an old smtp address from over 1000 ad users accounts. Worked like a champ!

Must have .net on the machine.

Actual download is here

Which I knew about this a year ago when we did our migration!!

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