Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Download IE7 Beta 3 and Get a Bonus! Free MS Software!

Ok here is an easter egg in the download of IE7 Beta 3 that I haven't seen posted anyplace. Go to the Microsoft IE 7 download site and go through the paces of downloading the program. After the program downloads have a look at the results page and up in the upper right corner of the screen your see a blue box that reads "Special offers for Genuine Advantage Customers"

Click the box and you will be presented with a screen that lists all sorts of freebies. Choose WISELY though because you only have one chance to pick.
Here are some of the choices for FREE offers once you validate:
Microsoft Soccer Scoreboard
Microsoft Private Folder 1.0
Microsoft Carioca Rummy
Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2
Microsoft Windows Defender (Beta2)
Media Center Karaoke Plug-in
Now I think that the absolutely coolest of these is the Private Folder Plugin for Windows XP.
Microsoft Private Folder 1.0 is a useful tool for you to protect your private data when your friends, colleagues, kids or other people share your PC or account. With this tool, you will get one password protected folder called 'My Private Folder' in your account to save your personal files. Download and have your private folder today!

Almost free...all you have to do is validate. Cool stuff!

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