Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Download Pick: Windows Vista Application Compatibility ToolKit

Picked this up off the team Vista blog...The Application Compatibility Toolkit for Vista is now available:
This past weekend the application compatibility team passed a major milestone as they posted the release candidate of the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT) 5.0 on the web for download. ACT 5.0 RC is an all in one tool to help IT pros collect, analyze and share application compatibility information.  I think that the cool thing about ACT is that it is based on requirements from our IT Pros and is intended to make their lives easier. It helps scope the work that needs to be done in an enterprise, to ensure they are strategically investing their time. By providing a single place that shows Microsoft's test results, alongside reports from the ISVs and other IT Pros, ACT 5.0 makes it simple to find the areas that need focus within the enterprise.  ACT 5.0 RC also has compatibility evaluators to detect the common application compatibility issues that LOB and other applications might have on Windows Vista.

If you are an IT Pro responsible for deployment, you should go to the connect website and download the ACT product guide and the new toolkit.

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