Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Microsoft Launches "Sysinternals" page

The integration of Microsofts acquistion of Sysinternals has taken place (sorta) and they have launched a "Microsoft Sysinternals" page on the Microsoft site making all of the utilities available. Note that the download still seem to come from and the couple of utilities at least that I dowloaded did not have the Eula updated to Microsofts, so it is basically the same stuff only the file dates have changed to protect the innocent.

In an interesting twist the below link was posted to the Thin list

It would appear that Microsoft still has a sense of humor and put out Russinovich's famed fake blue screen
screen saver that has been around for going on 10 years. Who could forget the "Amaze your friends. Scare your enemies" tag. :)
Also of interest is the new Process Monitor utility that combines the power of Filemon and Regmon into one utility

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