Monday, December 18, 2006

Download Pick of the Week: WiseSoft Password Control

Hi All,
While thumbing through the lastest ission of Redmond Magazine I came across a suggestion for an Admin Password changing utility that can be give to Help Desk People. It is called WiseSoft Password Control. I installed the software on my Citrix PS 4 servers and published it as an app and it works a champ. Just for safety's sake I set windows file permissions on the executable so that no one else could "accidently" execute it. A nice feature of this utility is that it will let you disable and enable accounts also.
This is a FREE utility albeit you will be required to sign up for the website with a username and password and give up an email address to get it. To me it was definitely worth it.

Get it at:

This site also has a few other useful utilities. One called NTFSFix that lets you do a global "fix" of permissions on user directories and one called scriptbuilder which helps you build and automate vbscripts.

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