Sunday, February 11, 2007

Download Pick: Free Citrix/ Terminal Server Utility - TSReboot

Hi Folks,
Heres another great Freebie from Warren Simondson!
Hi All
I tapped out this little freeware utility the other day and thought it may be of some use to the community.
You can download the utility from
TSReboot is a command-line tool to reboot selected or all Citrix and Terminal Servers within a Domain with specified intervals.
This utility was written to replace reboot commands currently found
in the MS Windows Operating System. This utility offers an extra
feature that will be of benefit to all admins - the ALL switch.
Using this switch, an admin can centrally reboot all Citrix/TS servers
within a Domain with one command, and at specified intervals.
An EXCLUDE switch is also available to exclude selected servers from the
ALL option. It is recommended that you run TSREBOOT LISTALL first to
list what Citrix/TS servers are available in the Domain.
This command can also be used in a script. This command can only be used
with administrative privileges.
You can run this command as a scheduled task. If this command is executed
with the ALL option from a Citrix/ TS server within the domain, then the
executing server will be rebooted last.
Servers are not rebooted all at once with the ALL command. The delay between
the reboot of each server is set at the command line (default: 20 minutes).
All users on each server are sent a message to logoff prior to the reboot.
Any user failing to logoff 2 minutes prior to reboot will be gracefully
logged off by the system.
This utility is FREEWARE and was written by Warren Simondson of
Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy, Australia.
Thankyou to the WINDOWS SDK available from
TSReboot [LISTALL] [wait_time] [/SERVER:servername | ALL [/EXCLUDE:]]
     LISTALL             [Optional] LISTS all TS and Citrix Servers in
                         the current Domain. DOES NOT REBOOT.
     wait_time           [Optional] Minutes to wait after user notification
                         before rebooting each server (default is 20).
     /SERVER:servername  [Optional] Specifies the server to reboot
                         (default is current).
     ALL                 [Optional] Reboot ALL TS and Citrix Servers.
     /EXCLUDE:servername [Optional with ALL] Exclude particular servers
                         from reboot when ALL option is provided. Can accept
                         multiple entries, seperated by comma. Must be last
                         command line argument.
     /?                  This help information.
TSReboot with no parameters lists the help information.
E.G. TSReboot ALL
This command will reboot all TS or Citrix Servers in the current Domain.
E.G. TSReboot ALL /EXCLUDE:MyServer2,MyServer3
This command will reboot all TS or Citrix Servers in the current Domain
except for MyServer2 and MyServer3.
E.G. TSReboot 30
This command will reboot the current TS or Citrix Server in 30 minutes.
E.G. TSReboot ALL 10
This command will reboot all TS or Citrix Servers in the current Domain with
10 minute intervals.
E.G. TSReboot 5 /SERVER:MyServer
This command will reboot MyServer in 5 minutes.
All the TS utilities I have written to date can be executed from a Windows XP or Vista PC.
Warren Simondson
Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy Pty Ltd

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