Thursday, July 05, 2007

Link Pick: Managing Roaming User Data Deployment Guide

Windows Vista handles User data and Profiles much differently than Windows XP. For that reason you will need to think carefully when migrating to Vista. I found a good document that explains some of the key differences in profiles between Windows Vista and XP that is definitely worth checking out. It is called the Managing Roaming User Data Deployment Guide and is available at:
One interesting tidbit from this document is that the problem of profiles getting "stuck" and not unloading at logoff is supposedly totally fixed by Vista and it should never happen. Here is the text from the document...
Profile unload failures at logoff

"Sometimes, earlier versions of Windows falied to unload the registry portion of the user profile. Many times this failure prevented the user from subsequent logons to the same computer. Windows Vista always unloads the registry portion of the user profile, even if it must forcefully do so, prior to synchronizing the profile to the profile server. Windows, when forcefully unloading profiles, writes an event message to the event log. The description of the event contains the name of the process that prevented the registry from unloading and the closed registry path."

Woo Hoo!

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