Friday, February 29, 2008

TIP: Outlook Closes and disappears when you minimize or does it?

Hi All,
Here is one of those in the trenches tips that you would NEVER think of. We had a user who when they clicked on the minus symbol in the top tool bar of Outlook it disappeared completely as if it was closed. No other user was experiencing this problem. We just thought this users PC was possesed, cllick the minus the app is gone! Poof! How bizarre.

But here is what happened. At some point the user must of RIGHT CLICKED on the Outlook icon in the System Tray and chose the selection and I kid you not it is there.... that reads "Hide When Minimized" Left clicking and unchecking that choice solved her issue.

Now the real mystery to me is why in the heck would a setting like that even exist especially for an app installed in Citrix? How do you get the program back without running it again? As the ladies man from SNL would say... "Thats just crazy." Another mystery solved.


ordinateur said...

Hi Jim Kenzig!

Thanks for explaining how my Outlook Icon disappeared from my taskbar. I have no idea how it disappeared, but I have very strong reasons to have it. At my work I receive very large amounts of email, and with corporate limits of storage I immediately move everything into a private folder stored on my own drive. So I work on that personal folder as a default, but when I invoke Outlook using its Icon or the new unopened messages icon I open Outlook with the default Inbox folder. Now I am desperate to get the icon back where it used to be, but I have no idea how to reinstate the original setting.

Thanks a lot for any answer that can help me!

Regards, Heine Erdal

neil said...

And a big thank you from me too! I don't know how that setting got changed, but I've had to re-open outlook after minimizing for months! it bugged me enough this morning to try and figure out why, and your answer was top of the list and spot-on correct. Thanks heaps! Neil.

Malakoff Diversité Démocrate said...

Hi Jim,

Fantastic, case solved!!

Unknown said...

Astonishing, and correct answer. Thanks for the suggestion. I can now minimize Outlook with the "minimize" button, rather than have it close totally.

Anonymous said...

Helped me too. Thanks!

Adina said...

This is why I L-O-V-E the internet! i posted my question and lo and behold, someone had asked the same thing 3 yrs ago... and you answered it!! That was exactly the solution - altho I also have no clue why they have that command to 'hide when minimized,' the fact is that they do, and that was the solution! Thanks so much - and thank heavens for Google and the 'net!