Thursday, March 27, 2008

EMC's Chuck Hollis on VDI.

Chuck Hollis of EMC (VMWare) has written an article recently on where he feels Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is going. A VDI is an entire virtualized desktop that is run on the VMWare server that is accessed by multiple users. A good example of where it would be useful would be say like a training room where you could have multiple versions of desktops with different apps installed. This is worth reading and definitely worth checking out the links he mentions in the article.

A small company even could leverage this technology for example to keep their workstations longer and easily do change management for updates. Virtualization hypervisors are going to be built into servers with deals Citrix and VMWare have made with HP/Dell and Microsoft making HyperV for Server 2008. It will be important for administrators to follow this technology. And don't be fooled, it's not just a "Windows thing" Linux desktops are being virtualized.

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