Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some tidbits (non NDA of course!) From the 2008 Microsoft MVP Summit

Hi Everyone,
I just got back from the Microsoft MVP summit and it was 5 intense days of chatting with some of the highest level of Geeks from around the world. *self included.
This is good stuff...
-Just starting a new Virtualization/blade project? You may be able to get a savings on your utility bills. One caveat, you must call your utility company prior to beginning the project. See:
Hope it saves you some money!

-There is new screen Zoom Utility in the MS Sysinternals toolset called Zoomit that lets you screen zoom and annotate technical presentations.

-Have you heard of Twitter? Twitter is a quick way to keep updated with what your friends are doing. Have a look and give it a try at: Look on the right column of this blog to see my Twitter postings.

-Go out and get the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit for 2008 to get an updated version of AppCompat among other things. (GPO for Vista SP1 etc)
And while you are at it...
-If you have a Microsoft connect account see if you can see anything new for TS under it. If you can go for it! That is all I am saying. All disclaimers apply.

-Seattle Radio plays some interesting songs. One such one I heard was by a band called CAKE from 2001 named Short Skirt and Long Jacket.
You can hear it on this YouTube Video.. kinda catchy..
(I told you this would be good)

-This one is just funny.. the Zunephone ad:

-Microsoft Surface is a REAL THING! I got to see one and play with it and it truly is exciting Technology! And to all you Apple Loving Microsoft Haters out there..Uh Surface has been in development for several years BEFORE the iPhone...AT&T plans to have them soon in their stores. These are not for the home user guys..YET! See:

-If you are looking for a product to Remote Control your Vista PC's (requiring no interaction from user and you can actually view their session without elevating their priveleges) have a look at DameWare Mini Remote Control:
Note to Microsoft: Please consider buying these guys and give us better remote control for help desk administration. RDP isn't it and trying to get a user to learn how to do remote assistance is like pulling teeth. We need to connect QUICKLY to their desktop and fix the problem before they start getting upset! Lets stop making them jump through hoops and UAC prompts!

-I got hinted at a good registry tweak to spead up the RDP client connection (note use at your own risk.. all disclaimers apply.. don't mess with the registry if you are an imbecile blah de blah de blah) called MinSendinterval. Here are the details:
XP and above clients, you can reduce the time between mouse move messages sent via RDP by setting a reg key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Terminal Server Client

DWORD Value MinSendInterval 10-1000 (value is in milliseconds)
Go out and knock yourself out and have fun with it, just don't come crying to me if you break your computer. I warned you!

-Ever hear of Windows Storage Server?

-We are looking at spam filtering devices.. current Barracuda which seems to be working quite nicely. I've also decided we might check out St. Bernard as overheard at MVP summit. See:

-The Seattle Public Library is pretty awesome(not as awesome as Cuyahoga but awesome enough) Check out my pictures I took while there at:

-Guess that's all of I can think of for if that isn't enough to get your heart pounding fast. : )

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