Friday, September 12, 2008

New Microsoft video with Seinfield and gates

OMG! Are they serious? Really? Really? This is not going to sell
anything. Not even remotely funny. The Microsoft
downward spiral continues.

Video: New Family
I am no MS Hater. I've been one of their biggest cheerleaderd since Dos 2.1, over 30 some years ago. It just REALLY irks me that they are spending this type of money to try to "improve" their image when really all they need to do is just engage the vendors and help show them how to write their programs and drivers work on Vista. Thats all. Seriously. Thats it. That is ALL they need to do.

I'm not finding any humor in the fact that I have 750 Vista PC's sitting here for over a year now that I can't deploy because every time I think I have a "golden image" another gotcha comes along with Vista that prevents me from implementation. ONE YEAR!!!

I thought woohoo, SP1 will come along and fix my problems. Boy was I wrong. The bottom line is Vista works great IF

A:) You are not on a domain using roaming or mandatory profiles.
B:) You are an administrator of your machine.

Otherwise the list of incompatabilites in programs and drivers is sickening. Blame it all you want on 3rd party vendors, but it is Microsoft's problem. And Bill Gates adjusting his shorts or doing the robot no matter how funny you find it, is not going to change peoples opinion of Microsoft when they have a computer in front of them causing maddening issues.

If this continues, no matter how bad they may be, I will be considering Macs or Linux for our next purchase, at least I know the programs I need to put on the local desktop on them will run. I can run the rest from Citrix

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