Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Apple got to hand it to you when you are right you are right! Vista needs fixing.

Well I have ranted to Microsoft on many occasions even sent an email to Ballmer, Gates and company, that instead of spending $300 million in advertising that they should use that money to send out developers to engage software vendors to fix their software on Vista. Someone at Apple must of read my rants and came up with this clever commercial which is 100% accurate and very funny! Fix Vista. Microsofts response, No we will rename it to Windows 7 and make the V word go away and maybe people won't figure it out that it is really Vista SR 2 with a new name.

So first there is the money part:

And then the V Word one which caps it off:

All I can say is if I'm a PC and yeah I liked the campaign but if I can see the writing on the wall Microsoft... why the hell can't you? Can you PLEASE PLEASE just help get software developers some assistance on getting their stuff to work on Vista, Windows 7 or whatever the hell you want to call it this week.
The Bake sale is on:

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