Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Download Pick: Xenapp Web Interface 5.01 Paint by Number Kit - Pimp My Xenapp

For those of you who have installed Citrix Xenapp Web Interface 5.01 you will find that Citrix has changed a lot of the file structure and made a whole lot more of the interface javascript.

The Xenapp Web interface 5.0 SDK has some instructions in it on how to make some changes and do things but unless you are a developer or programmer it reads like a knitting instruction manual looks like to an auto mechanic.

Anyhow Citrix has offered a Paint by Number kit on their Pimp my Xenapp site.
Check it out here:


When I started playing around trying to figure out where things are I realizedthat the WI Access management console makes most all of its changes in the WebInterface.conf file located in:

I like the black interface and really the only thing I wanted to do is just put a few links across the top of apps screen of the web inteface. So here is a brief tutorial of how I did it.
Navigate to the above conf directory and make a backup copy of the Webinterface.conf file. Right click on the file and choose edit or open and open the file in Notepad. Go to edit in Notepad choose find and put in Appwelcome.
It will take you to the following line:


Now all you need to do is write some html code like in the below text box to include your links and add it after the = sign after AppWelcome message

Save the file and you should be done.
The above code would give you three links across the to of the apps page. The "nbsp " will put a space between the links. You will want to add the target="new" tag at the end of your url to make the links open in a new window or they will open in the same window and close your web interface. If you have workspace control enabled that will also close all of your users open apps!
Anyways here is what the finished product across the top would look like.
eTime Timecard Library Intranet Library Home Page

No neeed to stop and restart IIS after editing the Webinterface.conf file just a refresh of your apps page you can see the changes.

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