Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Citrix Provisioning Server (PVS) 5.1 Released to MyCitrix.com

Today Citrix released its latest version of Provisioning Server release 5.1.
You can download the file from your http://www.mycitrix.com/ account.

PVS 5.1 download is the same for both Citrix Provisioning Server for Data Center and Citrix Provisioning Server for Desktops. SO Whats new and is it worth the upgrade?

Here is the Chart of what is new

(Click on the image to read the text)

Basically the new features are:

-Standard Image NIC Teaming - Enables teaming of NICs on provisioned systems using Intel or Broadcom nic teaming

-Offline vDisk Maintenance - Provides the ability to boot Provisiong Server VHD images within Xenserver OR Hyper-V for offline maintenance w/o requiring access ti a streamed device.

-User Assigned vDisks - selects the vDisk to stream to a provisioned system based on user logon

-Offline database Support - Allows continued operation of provisioned server hosts and provisioned systems in the event of a database failure.

- Server Maintenance Mode - Provides a mechanism to place a provisioned server host into "maintenance mode" automatically moving streamed sessions to other hosts in the farm.

- Multiple partition vDisks - Enables imaging systems with multiple disks into a single vDisk

- Read Only vDisk storage - Improves system performance by allowing VHD's to be deployed on read only volumes, reducing disk I/O

- Auditing and enhanced logging - Provides enhanced ability to monitor system and administrator activity.

- XP Embedded Streaming (YAY!!!) - Provides the ability to build and stream XP Embedded
images used by thin client machines.

There you have it! Go give it a try!

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