Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thin List Archives are now also available on YahooGroups and Open to ALL!!

Hi All,
With some changes Yahoo made recently to Yahoogroups, I have finally been able to open up for viewing/searching the Thin List archives that have been saving to Yahoogroups. Years ago (6/2002) I accidently set the list at Yahoo to private and was never able to change it back because of yahoo. It made it so no one could see the list, so I moved the list to Freelists,org. But THIN kept archiving and having messages saved at Yahoogroups.

For those that don't know the Thin list has been around since early 1997. The Thin list was first on online website called Onelist, which got purchased by Egroups whom got purchased by YahooGroups. The archives of the list pretty much stayed in place during these transitions. The archives at Yahoo date all the way back until April 2000! The archives from 1996-2000 exist on the rare Thin Net archives CD that I produced years ago, as I ran it on my own personal servers for those 3 years back in those days.

Now EVERYONE can see, search and access the Yahoogroups Thin List archives!! Over 143,000 messages!!

If you don't like the freelists archive search at this is a new option for you.

So another version of the Thin List archives that dates back further than the Freelists archives is available here:

This also gives you an additional RSS feed to use for the list at

(note that Freelists also has an RSS feed of the list at )

(ALSO Note you can't subscribe/unsubscribe or manage any of your settings to the Thin list or do anything at Yahoo other than look at the archives, you will still have to do all changes you want at Freelists.)

Hopefully this will give you all another great resource and choice for finding answers from the archives. I am also hoping by opening the yahoo archives up that they will also get better indexed in the Yahoo search engine.
Jim Kenzig
Thin List Moderator

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