Saturday, September 10, 2005

Jim Kenzig CEO The Kenzig Group chosen as VIP for Provision Networks

Provision Networks Launches VIP Program for Terminal Server Community

Microsoft MVPs and Server-Based Computing Experts Join

September 7, 2005 – In Washington, DC, at the Health Information Technology Summit (, Provision Networks, the global provider of server-based access infrastructure solutions for the Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) Windows Terminal Server platform, today announced that the launch of its VIP (Very Important Professional) program, embracing the members of the terminal server community and recognizing their efforts, past, present and future, for educating, supporting, and proliferating the use of server-based access technologies worldwide.

Provision Networks produces and markets the Provision Management Framework®. The Provision Management Framework, Enterprise Edition is a full-featured access infrastructure solution that leverages the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 platform, and delivers anywhere, anytime access to applications and network resources. Enterprise features such as Seamless Windows, Application Publishing, Load Balancing, Access Control, a Web Portal and an SSL Gateway embrace the RDP protocol and enhance the deployment, manageability, performance, and security of Terminal Services environments of all sizes.

“The VIP program is a very important first step for us in reaching out to the technical community, embracing their efforts, supporting their goals, nurturing their needs, and most importantly, for recognizing their priceless contributions to the server-based computing industry as a whole,” said John Brennan, Vice President of Corporate Strategy with Provision Networks.

“The Provision Networks VIP program is a global recognition program for individuals who share both their practical technical expertise and experiences with their peers,” said Jody Simpson, Vice President of Media and Investor Relations with Provision Networks. Ms. Simpson continued to say: “We are happy to be part of the terminal server community, and are excited and proud to recognize the following world-class individuals:”

Mr. Matthew Harris – A Microsoft Terminal Server MVP, Matt has worked for an educational organization for a number of years as a network administrator.

Mr. Jim Kenzig – CEO of The Kenzig Group and the pioneer of the server-based computing online forums, Jim’s website ( is one of the most highly visited resources on the Internet.

Mr. Thomas Koetzing – Based in Germany, Thomas is a terminal services expert, and owner of the CITRIX4GE site (, a source for support and advice regarding terminal services and related technologies.

Mr. Rick Mack – Based in Australia, and working for Volante Systems, Rick is one of the foremost experts on terminal server technologies. Rick has been involved in the industry since its inception over twelve years ago.

Mr. Jeff Pitsch – An expert in terminal services technologies and major contributor to the online forums, Jeff is also the owner of, a site dedicated to helping administrators secure their Terminal Servers.

Mr. Patrick Rouse – A Microsoft Terminal Services MVP, Patrick is the owner of, a site dedicated to the terminal services industry, and is currently the IT manager for a medical practice in Southern California.

Dr. Bernhard Tritsch - A Microsoft Terminal Services MVP, author of several books on terminal services, and Chief System Architect at visionapp, GmbH in Germany, Benny also owns and manages, an online resource for the server-based community.

Mr. Stefan Vermeulen – Based in the Netherlands, and working for Cognos, Stefan has become an expert on terminal server printing, and launched an online resource for the subject:

About Provision Networks

Provision Networks is a global provider of server-based access infrastructure provisioning, management, optimization and security. Provision Networks solutions embrace and extend the Citrix MetaFrame and Microsoft Terminal Services platforms, delivering resilient and scalable on-demand access for enterprises worldwide.

The Enterprise Edition of the Provision Management Framework® is designed to extend the native (RDP) functionality of Windows Terminal Services with important features such as Seamless Windows, Session-Sharing, Intelligent Load Balancing, Application Publishing, a Web-based interface, and an integrated SSL Gateway (RDP over SSL).

The Provision Management Framework, Standard Edition is a comprehensive access management solution designed to improve and enhance the provisioning, performance, manageability, and security of your Citrix access infrastructure.
In a single package, you get:

  • Provide printing support for any client or network printer with a single universal print driver; Print-IT®
  • Allow users to compute in their own time zones, regardless of the server's time zone; TimeZones-IT®
  • Automate several time-consuming session configuration and lockdown tasks; Manage-IT®
  • Enforce granular firewall access rules and exercise schedule-aware application execution control, all on a session-by-session basis, and without disrupting corporate security policies; Block-IT®
  • Enhance application compatibility by enabling single-user applications to execute reliably in multi-user mode in a Terminal Server environment; Redirect-IT®
  • Enhance the mobility of an access infrastructure by allowing users to fully synchronize their USB-based BlackBerry and Palm devices over RDP and ICA connections; USB-IT®
  • Achieve unprecedented logon speeds and stability levels of user profiles by implementing new profile management techniques; MetaProfiles-IT®
  • Improve application response times and expand overall server capacity by streamlining and optimizing the use of CPU and virtual memory resources; Max-IT®

With a world-class client list, comprised of some of the world’s largest commercial enterprises, and government organizations, Provision Networks is the most trusted name in access infrastructure management, security, and optimization.

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