Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Download Pick of the week (2): Flex Profile Kit Version 5

Jeroen has released Version 5 of the Flex Profile Kit! Get it at:;action=display;threadid=1144

Direct link to it is:

FPK 5.0 is released:- Support for Windows MUI. The multilanguage user interface within Windows is now supported. - Variable support for StoreRoot & StoreFolder. You can specify path variables in the framework.ini configuration file. - Redundant OPS file removal. When an OPS (profile settings) file is not used anymore, it will automatically be removed. - OPS file backup is now optional. The backup of the OPS file can now be disabled within the Framework.ini - Improved FlexRefresh. No more annoying FlexRefresh messages during logon, no more IconSize bug, and FlexRefresh will now also update cursor settings. - More Flexible Configuration. It is now possible to specify the full path to the other Framework.ini as a third command line option. This allows the possibility of having multiple configurations. - 2x Faster Logon. Although there have not been too many complaints :-), a bug in the logon process caused it to load the all the OPS files twice (oops!). This has now been fixed, reducing the logon time by 50%! - A GUI!!! The Flex Framework can now be configured with the FlexConfig.exe tool written by Magnar Johnsen!

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