Thursday, March 30, 2006

Web site Pick: Finally REAL Web based applications and Microsofts Name is nowhere to be found..

Is this a panacea for the thin client computing world? A web site that offers a fully functional Word Processor compatible with Microsoft Word that runs solely in a browser? How about a web site that offers a fully functional presentation program that you can create flowcharts and slides from a web browser. The best part? The is FREE! The caveat... you must use Mozilla Firefox to run the applications...sorry NO MICROSOFT APPLICATIONS ALLOWED. Panacea? ABSOLUTELY!

The sites are the brainchild of Michael Robertson of and Linspire fame. I really admire this guys gumption and innovation. He has his hands in many internet technologies all for the good of mankind and promoting open source.

So check them out...
AjaxWrite Online Word Processor

AjaxSketch Presentation Drawing Program

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