Monday, June 12, 2006

Download Pick: Single Sign On RDP Client

This weeks download pick is WBISoft Single Sign on RDP client.

Single sign on or Passthru authentication, whatever you call it, our latest download will hopefully help some of you by letting you connect to your remote servers (either console or normal RDP session) without entering credentials again in the remote session.

By caching the user cred's you enter on your PC at logon time the XPTS Single SignOn client will enable you to logon to your remote servers quickly.
Not only does this client support Single SignOn but also allow you to tunnel RDP via an HTTP proxy server (Note, does NOT support SSL, you need the full XPTS server install and full client for this and all other enhanced features) and the size of the desktop is scalable so you can shrink the window to a size that suits your desktop, organise the windows on the screen the way and size you want then the next time you open them, that's where they will be and at the size you set.

All of the usual support is in there for Disk, Printer, Port and Clipboard mapping so what are you waiting for check out the Free Stuff download page here

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