Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Outlook 2007 Voice Access, when are added features too much?

From Paul Thurrots newsletter...
"There's so much more, but Exchange 2007 is a major update, so that's to be expected. Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA) have been augmented by new portable phone/PDA capabilities as well as Outlook Voice Access (OVA), a way to navigate Exchange features via a call-in service and voice recognition; you can literally call Exchange when you're late for a meeting, tell it you're late, and it will update your schedule--and shared calendars."

So here is how the conversation would go right?.. Hello, Exchange server.. Uh yeah, this is JKENZIG, I'm, uh stuck in traffic can you, ...use a turn signal Jerk!, ..please let my team know that... darn, spilled my coffee...I'm going to be late for my scheduled meeting at 2:30 pm on..what day was it again?? Oh yeah Wednesday June 14th 2006. CRASH. Never mind.

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