Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Blogging world heats up. Windows Live Writer

Boy lots of things heating up in the blogging world. Google is going to Googleize blogger and making all kinds of features available. See this post at:

But that isn't the coolest thing I have found in blogging this week. Those of you who use MSN spaces or Blogger or some other service even will appreciate this new beta offering from Microsoft. It is called Windows LiveWriter. Livewriter is a small app that lets you craft your blog entry into a web page and format it nicely with WYSIWYG authoring for posting. For more info have a look at:

And go get it from:

The app takes you through a wizard when you first run it so that you can set it up with your blogging services. Publishing of pictures, maps and content could not be easier, there is even an SDK available for developers to figure out how to get their own content to be used in the app!

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