Thursday, August 31, 2006

Download Pick of the Week: Citrix InfoCenter from Frameworx

Ever wanted some additional info from your Citrix Servers ala the BGInfo style program? Frameworx has this sweet utility to do just that called Citrix InfoCenter:

This application allows you to view basic, but critical information about your Presentation Server.

Citrix InfoCenter is based on the same concept as the very popular “BGInfo” from Systernals™.

We are big fans of this product so we decided to build an application that would be conceptually similar to it, but instead, we tailored it for the Citrix Presentation Server environment.

With Citrix InfoCenter you can quickly find :

- Server Name
- IP Address
- Zone Name
- Farm Name
- Active Sessions
- Idle Sessions
- Disconnected Sessions
- Total CPU Usage
- Total Available Memory
One of its best features is that you can select whether you prefer to manually refresh or enable the auto-refresh feature to keep your information always up-to-date.


Or download direct from:

Note that this does require .Net 2.0 Framework and CPS 3 or 4.

Peruse the Frameworx site for another cool little gadget to RDP into a Terminal Server with a click from your system tray.

Good stuff!

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