Sunday, October 22, 2006

Citrix iForum 2006 Kicked off tonight

Hello all,
Citrix iForum 2006 in Orlando kicked off tonight with an opening night reception... I perused the conference hall for trinkets and looking for the usual sponsors. Of course a lot of them were not to be found (except the usual thin client ones)as Citrix has either acquired them or acquired "like" technologies and not invited them back. I'll need some extra time in the hall to talk to people before I start doing reviews, but at this point none of the noncitrix vendors has really got me excited about anything. I sure hope that changes tomorrow!

My presentation at CSEIT today went very well and hopefully will be posted in the Citrix KB soon. I think I took them all by suprise with the music and handing out dollar bills to people but at least I had fun. Something I want to remind the people who are doing presentations:

Acknowledge your audience, do not talk AT them talk to them. Doing the last presentation at CSEIT and practicing this myself I sort of threw the audience off guard because they got used to be talked AT instead of being talked to. I can tell you that every one of the people in my presentation this morning will remember being there. Citrix folks remember this and you will have an awesome worthwile memorable presentation no matter what you are presenting on. I hope this will get passed on to those doing presentations throughout the conference.

And I started taking the usual pictures and they are now uploaded at

Go check them out... more tomorrow on the breakouts and such.

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