Friday, October 13, 2006

Citrix Posts CTP Page / Blogging Site

Citrix is stepping up to the plate in response to Brian Maddens posting back in July about Thought Leadership at
They have created a Citrix Technology Professional Program (CTP) with a page about it at:
and now have an official blogging Community page of Citrites at:
Pat on the back to Brian for lighting the fire. This is all good stuff!
One blog that I have found extremely helpful is Jay Tomlins.  A recent post on Web Interface completely solved a problem that I have been maddeningly try to figure out for months.  The issue at the end of his posting on the Web Garden Number in the app pool setting was it! Mine was set at 10! Thanks Jay...
Here is the link to the posting which is on why you get the Redirect message when you go to Web Interface... it is a good read!

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