Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Kenzig Given Plaque of Appreciation at Thin Dinner

Well it was totally unexpected and very nicely done. Doug Brown along with Steve Greenberg and Tim Mangan gave me a very nice plaque at the Thin List dinner, in appreciation for all of my 10 years of "dedication" to the thin computing community. If I posted the text of it you would all roll your eyes back into your head. LOL
It really is hard to believe that I have been doing this that long and it makes me feel really old... : ) but I guess now I have a plaque to prove it. Below is a pick pulled from the hundreds I've taken at Citrix iForum. I have placed a link in the right column so they are easier for you to find.

All I can say is that I am deeply humbled by this wish to thank Doug, Steve and Tim for their thoughtfulness.
I would also like to thank Doug and Steve for covering my dinner and special thanks to Greg Reese who put the whole thing together this year, 2000 miles away from the Marshall Islands.

Here is the text from the plaque. Doug is so creative... they also gave me a burned edges parchment version of it that they all signed!
"We the People of the worldwide Server Based Computing Community present this award to Jim Kenzig in recognition of his outstanding contribution to foster the sharing and exchange of ideas, best practices, and technical suppor to thousands of people worldwide. For the creation of a powerful on line community and for his tireless effort to provide relevant and timely information, we offer our thanks. This token of our appreciation is presented on October 23rd at Citrix Iforum in Orlando, Florida 2006"

Yes it really says all that : ) ... thanks again guys.

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