Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Final set of over 200 pictures posted from Citrix iForum 2006

Hi All here are the direct links for photos from CSEIT and Citrix iForum 2006 in Orlando that I took this week.  Over 500 total in the 3 libraries!
Makes you wonder if I did anything else..doesn't.. Well I did and I'll be posting my review of the event, breakouts, and sponsors when I get back home this weekend.
iForum 2006 Day 2 Closing Keynote Final Night party Photos  http://picasaweb.google.com/jkenzig/Iforum2006Day2
My favorite from Day 2 is below:
I think I recognize the guy on the left... ; )  (In case you didn't know the Guy on the right is Mark Templeton CEO of Citrix) Feel free to pass these along to anyone and use as you see fit.  They belong to the community.
The above links are also on my blog at the url below.
Microsoft MVP - Terminal Services
Citrix Technology Professional
Terminal Services Downloads: http://www.thinhelp.com


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