Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Some" KB Articles on Windows Vista .... upgrade nightmare ...

Man oh man... I tried to do an upgrade on my computer last night to my new shiny version of Vista I got for free for watching some MSDN videos. It gets all the way through the installation upgrade (which took a couple of hours.. a clean install takes about 15 minutes) and then when it gets to the final step of finalizing settings the computer freezes with a blue line down the middle of the screen and just sits there.

Now I went through the upgrade Advisor Wizard ( ) originally and removed everything it said to remove and even got rid of everything in my Run key in the registry. Something I highly recommend doing! It said I was fine.

Luckily you can roll back easily enough to your previous version of Windows which I had to do...see this KB on how to do that but that is not the point. Windows Vista did it for me though when I decided had to shut the machine off after it sat idle for 2 hours with the blue line down the middle of the screen. When the machine came back up I was notified that "Vista installation did not succeed" and that it was "Restoring my previous version of Windows" A scary message I know but persistent me went through the installation a second time after removing a few more things just for good measure and ended up with the same blue line results, the rollback the second time around worked the same way and just as well as the first time around.

This should not be that difficult..alas but it is.

There are already over 200+ KB articles on Vista woes ( )

And even a KB article that lists the error messages that you might have.. (which is not that long believe it or not.)

And yes even the validation system seems like it had issues and needed an update...

So this evening I get to go through the log files ( ) and try and figure out just what went wrong. But in light of the seemingly huge surge of KB articles over the last few days on second thought maybe I should wait awhile before I make the plunge...such is life when you are living on the edge and want to be at the forefront of technology I guess. At least my Office 2007 is workingl though...

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