Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dear Apple... stay off of my desktop, out of my quick launch, and out of my System tray and Registry Run Key!

Ok I don't usually rant too often but I've just about had my fill with Apple Software. They have recently released a beta version of their Safari Web Browser that runs on Windows. Good for them.

/Rant On
On the few Mac's I have used, I'll admit, I really like the Safari browser it is quick and intuitive. That being said, Apple decided to bundle Safari Beta 3 with its hailed Quicktime media player. The incessant beast that no matter what you do plants itself in to your registry Run key and insists on reappearing even if you delete it.

Apple feels that it is in their right without even asking you during installation, to place icons on your desktop, in your quicklaunch, in your system tray and on your start menu not to mention in the root of your start menu, not even in its own folder! This combined with the fact their Quicktime qttask app getting put on the run key of the registry and can not be removed no matter how hard you try, makes this Apple software a piece of crap that should not ever be put on a Windows PC.

Yeah, I know it is a beta but here is more crappola, because it included Quicktime, the Safari beta uninstalled my version of quicktime that I had all set up nicely and had already added my plugins to, and wiped it all out leaving me to have to reconfigure quicktime again and go out and find the plugins. 1st thing of course I have to do again, is to get that incessant icon out of my system tray and quick launch bar. WTF?

Apple, you are supposed to be a major player in the computer industry, why can't you learn how the install process works in Windows and not be so virulent? Ask users if they want you in all up in their face.. don't just assume they do!

Get a clue!

/Rant off

I feel better now.


Steven Klein said...

On the Safari download page, it's offered both with and without QuickTime.

Why not just download the version without QuickTime?

Unknown said...

Ok I see that now.. that still does not excuse them for such crappy coding. There should be a choice in the install to NOT install quicktime if you want, much less ask you if you want to uninstall previous versions.