Monday, July 09, 2007

Download Pick: RemProf, Bomb Prof

Warren Simondson of Ctrl-Alt-Del IT Consultancy, has released another FREE Microsoft Terminal Services / Citrix utility. REMPROF was written to replace the command DELPROF.EXE currently found in the MS Windows Resource Kit. This utility offers extra features that will be of benefit to all admins. REMPROF has the ability to delete user profiles on the local machine based on age, username, or SID association. If a username has been deleted from a Domain or Workgroup, the profile often still exists with only a SID assigned to identify it. REMPROF can delete these profiles completely from the file system and registry regardless of the profile age, and without removing existing profiles of the same age.

This tool could be simply run from the command line at any time, or added as a SCHEDULED TASK for regular cleaning of user profiles, reducing the overall disk space used for locally based profiles.

REMPROF will only function when executed by a user with ADMIN rights to the profile directory.

He also has a utility called BombProf that allows for Multiple profile deletion. Go get them at:

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