Sunday, April 27, 2008

Download Pick: WiseSoft Password Control 2.3 now Available

WiseSoft has released an updated version of its FREE password control utility. Many new features have been added including a user account Bulk Modify tool. See:
New Features in version 2.3
Bulk Modify - This is the main addition to Password Control. Bulk Modify is a tool that allows you to update user account attributes for many user accounts. Updates to user attributes are fully logged and the application supports a rollback feature if you need to undo and modifications. If you prefer helpdesk staff not to have access to this tool, you can choose not to install this component.
As part of the Bulk Modify tool, you can also move accounts to a new OU. e.g. You could query for expired user accounts and move them to a specified OU.
Account menu - An "Account" menu (see above image) is now available in the main Password Control application. In previous versions of Password Control you could automatically force a user to change their password after it is reset. Although this option could be enabled, a method was not provided to turn it off if it was set by accident. The "Account" menu allows you to toggle this setting and also change other account options. The application config file can be modified to remove access to this feature if required.
Properties To Load dialog has been improved - you can now click a checkbox to hide/display various attributes in the Password Control treeview and Bulk Password Control grid.
Multi-Valued attributes are now shown in the Bulk Password Control dialog. The default separator character is a semi-colon.
A default setting can now be applied to the "Force Password Change at Logon" checkbox.
Image Gallery - For those of you storing user images in Active Directory, an image gallery feature has been added that might assist with verifying user identity. The Bulk Modify tool mentioned earlier can also be used to upload photos into Active Directory

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