Friday, May 02, 2008

VMWare Announces Project Northstar (Thinstall) Beta

Just got this info in my inbox:

VMware is pleased to announce the release of VMware Project North Star (Thinstall) Beta 2, now available for download on the VMware Web site. This release marks a significant milestone in our efforts to integrate Thinstall with other VMware products, and includes new features that simplify deployment and strengthen security for "Thinstalled" applications.

New Features in Beta 2:

  • Simplify application dependency mapping and license management with Application Link: This feature allows administrators to dynamically link Thinstall packages to one another, making it possible to create separate packages for interdependent components (such as Java or .NET) and use them across multiple Thinstall packages.
  • Reduce security risks with Application Sync: This feature allows customers to execute updates to virtual applications through a secure Internet connection, increasing application portability while reducing security and patch risks to offline and out-of-network machines.

Note: After reviewing extensive feedback from partners and customers, VMware has decided not to release the Thinstall License Manager (TLM) at this time. If you that have questions about the future availability of TLM, please contact your Thinstall sales representative.


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