Friday, January 09, 2009

Server 2008 / Vista Hotfix for Unable to log you on because your profile could not be loaded, please contact your administrator

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If you have been using Windows Server 2008 or Windows Vista on a network with roaming profiles for any period of time you most likely have gotten the error "Unable to log you on because your profile could not be loaded, please contact your administrator" when trying to log on to the PC at some point or another.

The error occurs because of a profile corruption. There is a workaround to this issue by deleting the .bak hive profile key in the registry for the user or you could install a pre Vista SP2 hotfix released by Microsoft to resolve the problem.

The kb for the issue is here:

You must request the hotfix from Microsoft but it is a simple thing. Click the link at the top of the article that reads View and request hotfix download that will take you to the following link:

Agree to the terms and conditions, enter in your email address and Microsoft will send you an email with the download link to the hotfix at the bottom of the email along with a password. You can download the fix and you will need to enter the password from the email Microsoft sent you to extract the hotfix.

Until Vista Service Pack 2 is released this is one that is probably going to bite you so you probably want to get it.

One very good website to follow and keep up on Microsoft Knowledge base articles and hotfixes for ALL of their software and hardware products is
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