Thursday, October 26, 2006

Download Pick: Gem from iForum Thinstall Virtualized ICA client runs on USB Key!

One of the gems from Citrix iForum this year was Thinstalls FREE for personal use virtualized ICA Client that can run from a USB key. Just download the file from Thinstall and put it on your USB key, walk up to any device and you can run a Citrix ICA client without installing it! Info is below...

  • FREE for individual use
  • Instantly access your Citrix Account without installing anything
  • Works on locked-down and restricted access PCs without special administrator privileges
  • Ideal for use with USB drives, remote access, and mobile users

Citrix has partnered with Thinstall to virtualize the Citrix Presentation Server Client. Thinstall technology enables you to carry the Citrix Presentation Server Client with you, and use it from any computer, without requiring installation or administrative permissions. Easily and securely access any of your Citrix applications from any computer, anywhere.

You will have to give up some personal information to get the download but it is well worth it. See the link below.

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